About SureSmile® Braces

SureSmile orthodonticsYou have most likely heard from friends or family that braces are a long-term commitment that take about two years to provide cosmetic orthodontics results. With SureSmile® orthodontic treatment, the process of wearing braces to fix an issue with the placement of teeth is entirely different. It is possible to reduce the time spent with braces by wearing this aggressively efficient orthodontic treatment option. Based on a comparison of 1,849 patients treated conventionally to 4,376 patients treated with SureSmile®, the average treatment time with SureSmile® was almost 40 percent faster than conventional metal braces.

Instead of bending an archwire by hand through metal brackets, an orthodontist uses 3-D imaging, virtual simulations and robotically placed archwires to customize a patient’s treatment. This allows the wire to be more finely placed to provide maximum results and precision that isn’t possible by hand.

The Benefits of SureSmile® Braces

The excellence of SureSmile® braces provides numerous benefits to a patient. The technology-driven orthodontic procedure makes the braces experience much easier for patients than conventional orthodontics. Because of the precision of the archwire placement, patients are able to often achieve shorter treatment times and fewer office visits. The robotic placement of the archwire allows for maximum efficiency in the movement of teeth. A patient will get fabulous results from investing in the latest in orthodontic technology. Not only do patients report needing fewer office visits and having shorter treatment times, but they often also experience less overall discomfort and high-quality results.

Anyone who has ever work traditional metal wire braces will say that after wire adjustments are made to the braces after a routine checkup, there is a bit of an achy feeling to the mouth. The added pressure on the mouth to ensure that the movement of the teeth is on track can mean some discomfort. SureSmile® is a custom-shape wire that is inserted so that each tooth moves directly to the prescribed position with greater precision and less overall discomfort.

Achieve High-Quality Results

SureSmile Orthodontic treatments

Talk with the experts at Las Vegas Orthodontics, the staff will help you make the decision on whether SureSmile® is the right orthodontic treatment option for you. Las Vegas Orthodontics has experienced orthodontists who has used the SureSmile® Treatment Planning Software to evaluation patients’ treatment options and efficiently manages the teeth with the custom archwires for the most direct corrections. Let the staff at Las Vegas Orthodontics digitally evaluate your treatment progress with the use of SureSmile® braces.

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