Las Vegas Orthodontics is a certified provider of Invisalign Teen™

Invisalign Teen
Too often a parent asks about a treatment orthodontic treatment option for his or her child only to learn it is only available to those who are 18 and older, but not Invisalign®. At Las Vegas Orthodontics, we understand that a teens life is impacted just as much, if not differently, than an adult’s by the unfortunate presence of metal braces. As a result, we have made sure to provide the invisible braces treatment option to teens.

The benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign Teen clear bracesThe benefits to selecting Invisalign® for teens is more than simply vanity, Yes, the option will allow a teen to skip the potential for negative feedback from peers that can often come with metal braces, but there is much more to the orthodontic solution than that. Parents can benefit from seeing the photos they pay for without the presence of braces on their child’s face for the yearbook, homecoming or even prom and graduation. The invisible, removable braces will not distract from your child’s face in a photograph.

The “clear braces” orthodontic treatment option also decreases the risk of food-related maintenance repairs. There are multiple types of food that an individual wearing braces must avoid, which means there is potential for a teen to forget this rule and accidentally damage the braces. Any damage done to traditional metal braces will require an office visit at the very least, if not wasted time and money. With Invisalign®, teens are able to eat whatever they want because they can remove the clear braces during a meal and pop them back in after. This ability to remove the braces also allows for a teen to spend more time cleaning his or her teeth, without the hassle of trying to floss and brush around the metal wires and brackets, which can create issues.

Let Invisalign® Braces Help a Teen Achieve a Fabulous Smile

Invisalign® technology is an effective way to produce a fabulous smile. The aligners are very comfortable and durable, which means that they can fit into a person’s lifestyle. So whether a teen is participating in a contact sport or the next musical at school, he or she is able to receive excellent orthodontic treatment, without having to sacrifice style or lifestyle. At Las Vegas Orthodontics, we provide a free consultation for patients to learn about whether this orthodontic treatment is the right option. Contact Las Vegas Orthodontics and make an appointment for an Invisalign® assessment today at (702) 728-3105.

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