Orthodontics in Las Vegas-The Braces for You

Posted On: July 1, 2014 Author: Las Vegas Orthodontics

Meeting an orthodontist in Las Vegas and talking through options can help you select the right braces for your teeth. Ensuring a super smile means committing to a specific treatment and orthodontic application to solve your problem. Knowledge on different types of braces can help you choose the best option for you. Orthodontics in Las Vegas come in a wider variety than ever before.


Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are a less expensive type of braces. They use either colored ties or clips to keep the wires attached to the braces. Traditional metal braces are fixed to the teeth, so they are not removable during treatment without the help of your orthodontist in Las Vegas.

The pros and cons of metal braces include:

  • More difficult to keep teeth clean during treatment
  • New metal braces are smaller and less noticeable

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are the same size and shape as metal braces but the braces have tooth-colored or clear braces that blend in with your teeth. If you are not comfortable with metal braces, you can use ceramic braces. They’re also fixed to the teeth, like metal braces, and difficult to clean during treatment without help from your orthodontist in Las Vegas.

Pros and cons of ceramics braces include:

  • Less noticeable while the wires can be seen
  • Can stain easily if patients don’t care

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are attached to the back side of the teeth and next to the tongue position. People won’t be able to see the metal appliances, because the braces are invisible from outside. Lingual braces are not removable by the patient, because the braces are attached like metal and ceramic braces.

Pros and cons of lingual braces:

  • Invisible to others
  • Can affect speech
  • Most expensive among all


Invisalign is a brand of clear plastic trays that are given in a series of 18-30 custom-made mouth guards. Each of the trays are worn for two weeks, and help align the teeth into their final positions. Each set of trays need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day for better result. Our orthodontics in Las Vegas services include Invisalign.

Some pros and cons of invisalign are:

  • Almost invisible and easy to clean
  • More comfortable than braces
  • Patients can remove
  • Available only for adults and teens

Your orthodontics in Las Vegas can be used to help straighten your teeth. If you want a beautiful straight smile seeing an orthodontist in Las Vegas and find the right solution for you with orthodontics in Las Vegas, NV.

(Image and excerpt from “The Right Braces For Your Teeth”)


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