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Posted On: April 17, 2015 Author: Las Vegas Orthodontics

Having a beautiful smile is the desire of almost everyone and crooked teeth, while potentially charming, can certainly undermine a beautiful smile. That is why orthodontists provide services to fit various kinds of adult braces and Invisalign to help correct this problem. The question is: which one is best at getting the job done, or are they both effective depending on your needs?  Invisalign before and after

* Adult braces and Invisalign are just two of the many teeth straightening techniques available
* Our services are provided by one of the best orthodontists in Las Vegas
* Both procedures allow for better looking and functioning teeth

The Merits of Adult Braces

Although braces often feature brackets on the teeth that are hooked along a wire, they are very effective in straightening teeth. They can take some time to get used to and require care and attention but they work by pressing against the patient’s teeth and causing them to realign over time. Adult braces have been found to be effective in straightening some of the most complicated dental conditions.

* Our orthodontists in Las Vegas, NV have experience in putting in and monitoring braces
* Adult braces can be used for more than just straightening teeth
* Braces are also beneficial in correcting open gaps and overlapping (crowding) teeth

Who can Benefit from Braces?

Any patient who requires procedure where the attachments are not moveable could certainly benefit from having braces. Since braces also tend to cause faster results, the benefits in using them speak for themselves. If you have crooked teeth, overlapping teeth or open gaps in your smile, having braces put in might be the best solution for you.

* Braces move misaligned teeth in a shorter period of time
* Braces can also be used in fixing overbites
* Braces help to prevent other oral health problems from developing

Merits of Invisalign

The use of invisalign involves the use of clear trays that have been custom fitted and computer-generated to fit the patient’s teeth. It is usually worn throughout the day, including nights, for a period of 2 weeks, before a new set is needed. Invisalign is considered to be useful in situations where the occlusion or crookedness of the teeth is not so complicated.

* Trays for longer term use are usually fitted to prevent the teeth from shifting back
* Invisalign is perfect for those who want the straightening procedure to be more unobtrusive
* Invisalign does not usually affect speech and is more comfortable

Try Yours Today

If you are having problems with crooked teeth, occluded teeth, overbite, or you simply want a more perfect looking smile then you need to consult one of our orthodontists in the Las Vegas area today. Feel free to come in for a consultation, call us or visit us online at http://www.bestorthodonticslasvegas.com/.

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