Orthodontics for All Ages

Posted On: May 13, 2014 Author: Las Vegas Orthodontics

Orthodontics used to be only for older children and younger teenagers. Orthodontists simply didn’t have the ability to adjust an adult’s mouth. With better equipment and knowledge, we are now able to help with bite problems in patients of nearly any age.

Across the U.S., nearly 30% of patients receiving orthodontics are adults. Although adults can now receive effective treatment, orthodontists still recommend being treated in childhood, whenever possible. Your child should be assessed, by your orthodontist in Las Vegas, before age 7 for best results. (ADA)


Orthodontics—Both Esthetic and Restorative

Malocclusion is the term used to describe bite issues. Malocclusion can cause trouble with both eating and speaking, so it’s often considered restorative treatment. However, malocclusion is also treated for cosmetic reasons, and orthodontics are used to fix those issues as well.

At nearly any age, orthodontists can help you with any of the following:

  • Protecting/fixing your bite
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your teeth
  • Reshaping the neck, jaw, and lips
  • Making it easier to maintain oral hygiene
  • Aligning your smile


Orthodontists are specialized dentists that focus on treating patients using orthodontics. Orthodontists are usually required to continue their education for at least 2-3 years. After this extra education in post-dentistry school, they are able to be licensed as Orthodontists.

Orthodontic Evaluation

Candidates for orthodontic treatments will be referred by their general dentists. During your first appointment with your orthodontist in Las Vegas, the orthodontist will evaluate your bite and make an individual treatment plan. Some of the methods that an orthodontist in Las Vegas may use to help you to develop your individualized treatment plan would include:

  • An examination
  • Panoramic X-rays
  • Cephalometric X-rays
  • Taking impressions of your teeth
  • Intraoral and/or facial photographs

It’s generally during your second visit that your orthodontist in Las Vegas will estimate how long your treatment will last. The average length of time for a standard treatment is 2 years. Factors that may affect how long your treatment will take include:

  • The extent of work needed
  • Your age
  • How closely you follow the treatment plan
  • Whether or not oral surgery is needed

After the main phase of treatments are over, some patients require other supplemental treatments, such as retainers.

Orthodontic Treatments in Las Vegas, NV

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(Image and excerpt from “Orthodontics: Creating a Well-Aligned Smile”)

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