Everything You Want to Know About Botox Treatments

Posted On: April 8, 2014 Author: Las Vegas Orthodontics

Botox treatments are common. They work by reducing wrinkles and giving a fresher, younger look and feel to the skin. The article we’re discussing highlights the benefits of Botox treatments while considering the known side effects. The author, Lisa Zamosky, provides up to date research into looking at the benefits and side effects of Botox treatments.


We’re also looking into the cost of Botox treatments for people who are getting treatment in Las Vegas, NV. University of Nevada graduate student Christa Emmer has provided the research into the cost of Botox treatments in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Botox Treatments
Botox works on wrinkles that have not formed fully. These wrinkles appear mostly on the face, and Botox treatments can help to reduce these partially formed wrinkles. Botox works by blocking nerve endings in the muscles and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Botox treatments are a form of cosmetic treatment that does help you look younger by softening the wrinkles and smoothing out the face. It is seen to be more of a preventative than a cure and Botox helps prevent further wrinkles from forming.

Side Effects of Botox Treatments
As with all treatments, there are side effects that need to be considered. Any medication that thins the blood can cause bruising to the injection site. Medications of this nature include:

* Ibuprofen
* Aspirin
* Fish oil
* Ginko

Any treatment, whether it is over the counter or supplements or prescription medication, needs to be discussed with the doctor before continuing with the Botox treatments. Other side effects to be considered before Botox treatment include:

* Pain at injection site
* Headaches
* Drooping of eyelids or eyebrows

If you are in any doubt, consult a doctor before going ahead with Botox treatments.

How Much Does Botox Cost?
There are many spas in Las Vegas that offer Botox treatments. However, a little research is needed before you go. A consultation before treatment will ensure you are able to trust in the doctor that gives the treatment and is able to give the best results.

Botox treatments are priced by the unit other than in entirety. Most places require you to buy at least 50 units in any one treatment. The average cost of one unit is $12, making a total of $600 per visit, although prices do vary from spa to spa.

Although the cost of Botox treatments is expensive, deals can be found to make Botox prices a little cheaper. There are two ways to get special offers that allow you to enjoy cheaper Botox costs. The first to look at is the daily deals websites as they often have special offers on Botox prices.

The second place to look is the spa website itself. Most spas will offer special offers on Botox prices to encourage the customer to try their spa before another. When looking at deals such as these, it is important to remember to research the company and make sure the Botox treatments are carried out by someone who is qualified in dermatology or plastic surgery.

If you are in the Las Vegas area, call us first and ask about our current Botox prices.

(Image and excerpt from “The Surprising Benefits of Botox”)

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